About Coastal Bound

Mary Beth Livers


Hi! When I first moved here, I rented for a period of time and began the hunt to find the home, property and community that best fit my life. As a former museum and nonprofit professional, I've moved myself, personal belongings, museum exhibits and cultural objects all across the US. Our community is full of creative people, local and transplant. Using the services of Coastal Bound can help you transition into your new life easier. Spend more time at the beach, less time relocating.

Just the FAQs


Does the consultant come to me?

Already a Brunswick or New Hanover County, NC resident?  All sessions take place at your home or office.

Relocating to the area? We can meet at a coffee shop, restaurant, the builder's or realtor's offices, or your new house - depending upon where you are in the process.

So what happens next?

We act as a coach working with you. Together we'll look at the space or the projection. Then we'll discuss what you like and don't like...understanding your goals, challenges, ideas. We'll create a plan. And if you're ready, then we start!

How long does this take?

It all comes down to 3 things: 1) the size of the space; 2) the current state and 3) your motivation. 

Small Projects such as a closet, laundry room or entry way generally can be tackled in 3 hours. 

Large Projects and heavily cluttered areas can take longer. Sometimes you just need someone to help you get started or help with the bumps along the way and you finish the project yourself. Other clients would rather work with the consultant from beginning to end. Everyone is unique.

What if I'm a bit embarassed?

Don't be! We're here to help and our services are confidential. We are ethical, and never judge. We'll work with individuals in the professional community who maintain the same ethics.

What about and young family members or pets?

Little children and pets may slow us down, plan to have a sitter watch younger children. If your pet is especially full of enthusiasm - please keep them in a separate space from the work area.  Older children with rooms and space that are part of the project should be there to give input and help.

We're moving or my whole house needs organizing - what's next?

Relax! Addressing your whole house is just one step at a time. After we chat, then together, we'll create the plan that  will start with what is most important to you. It could be: 1) space that provides the most stress; 2) the area the you feel looks the worse; 3) or the most critical pace that is the heart of your family life.